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Walking billboards are a proven method of drawing attention to your product or service in order to increase your revenue. The wide range and interactive nature also make this a truly captivating promotional method. The promoters are flexible as well; from outfit to the way of approaching, you determine the branding experience.

Walking billboards can be combined with other promotions, such as flyers and sampling. It can be used everywhere which enables you to focus on your target audience. There’s no need for a permit and due to the low cost, our clients achieve a high return on investment. That’s why more and more marketers integrate walking billboards into their promotional campaigns.

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We offer Human walking billboard promotions exclusively to Guarantee the Best Service

Complete & Service

From poster / backlit film design, printing to team promotors, we provide you with everything needed.

Our Teams

Our Brand Ambassadors are Carefully Trained and Selected for the best ROI and ‘Branding Impact’


You determine the campaign details – Date, Location, style of approach.

LED Walking Billboards are Great for any Business


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Our Most Popular!

"Walking Billboard With Scrolling Words"
Insert Your Words! Great Impact!
Use Night or Day
Can Be Used Indoor as Stand Alone Sign
Light Weight - Comfortable for Walkers!
Battery Life: 60 hours with scrolling words running only.                             

6 1/2 Hours with Backlit Poster Lights and Scrolling Words on.
Battery Recharger Included
Carrying Case Included



Our Basic Billboard!

"Walking Billboard" No Scrolling Words
Use Night or Day
Can Be Used Indoor as Stand Alone Sign
Light Weight - Comfortable for Walkers!
Battery Life: 6 1/2 Hours with Backlit Poster Lights on.
Battery Recharger Included
Carrying Case Included




Billboard With VIDEO!

"Walking Billboard With VIDEO"

Plays Your Commercial - Message!
Use Night or Day
Light Weight - Comfortable for Walkers!
Battery Life: 4 Hours with Backlit Poster Lights and VIDEO on.
Battery Recharger Included




The Mission at Mobile Branders is Simple


How to hit the road with YOUR LED Advertising

Walking Billboard Marketing Works

  • There is NO BETTER Social Media than a Brand Ambassador with an LED Walking Billboard. The Billboard Walkers and the consumers can interact with one another, shooting response rates through the roof.
  • This interactive experience adds personality to your business that no online, print, TV, radio or sign spinner could ever do. With our LED Walking Billboards, you are able to adapt to each potential customer’s needs and personality.
  • This method of advertising makes pinpointing your target customers easier and more accurate!
  • With all of the features of LED Walking Billboards, combined with the uniqueness and functionality, personality, and customization abilities, there is really no excuse to miss such a powerful advertising medium.
  • LED Walking Billboards can effectively deploy your LED Walking Billboard advertising campaign. Isn’t it time you added LED Walking Billboards to your marketing mix?

12 Reasons To Use Walking Billboard Campaigns.

  • Street Market Advertising for low cost
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Large space to display you brand
  • Led lights for day and night advertising
  • Aluminum frame
  • Lightweight – 15 pounds
  • Can be used as a free standing display
  • Snap frame for a quick poster replacement
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery that will give you up to 60 hours of operation
  • Trade Shows – Shopping Malls
  • Festivals – Concerts
  • Sporting Events – Any Public Events

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