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Mobile Branders Marketing and Promotions is owned and operated by Infiniti Media Group LLC  a full-service Consulting and Direct Response Marketing agency helping businesses generate consistent and predictable revenue through automated online and offline processes.

★ Specialties Include ★

Designing & Implementing Marketing & Advertising Solutions to Help Your Business Attract & Maintain Clients ★ Messenger Chatbot Marketing ★ Video Marketing Solutions ★ Reputation Management ★ Social Media Marketing ★ VIP Club System ★ Digital Marketing ★ Campaigns ★ Increase Brand Awareness ★ Build Loyalty ★ Create New Revenue Streams

At Mobile Branders, we’ve made it our mission to make eye-catching, outdoor advertising affordable for all companies seeking to harness the incredible power of this advertising medium.

Why use mobile advertising? While large, stationary billboards may be fine our LED Digital Billboard Trucks and LED Digital Walking Backpack services offer a more exciting, engaging, and memorable alternative in the D.C. and Virginia markets.

The marketing experts at Mobile Branders use the latest research and viewer data to craft mobile outdoor ad campaigns that attract viewer attention and convince them to buy.

What we’ve learned over the years is that, as more and more people spend more time in their cars, “drive time” has become a key place where buying decisions are made. We’ve harnessed digital and mobile technology that will help you catch viewers at this key moment … and convince them to buy from YOU.

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