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Welcome to Mobile Branders Marketing and Promotions, a service of Infiniti Media Group, your gateway to an advertising revolution that combines the impact of mobile billboards with the reach of internet advertising. With our innovative approach, we empower your brand to break through the noise, leaving a lasting impression on your target audience. Get ready to take your business to new heights with Mobile Branders.

At Mobile Branders Marketing and Promotions, we understand the need for dynamic and effective advertising strategies. Our comprehensive solution combines multiple mediums to ensure maximum impact and engagement.

With Mobile Branders Marketing & Promotions, your potential customers can’t turn the page, change the station, or switch to another channel.
Our Services gives your company a presence both on the street and on the WEB.
It is an excellent way to build the 4 MAJOR components to successful advertising.


* Recognition * Trust * Branding * Recall

Our LED Billboard Trucks get EYES on your ads

We Specialize In Getting Your Advertisements In Front Of The Best Targeted Audience Possible


Studies have shown that as more people spend more time outside of their homes and in their cars, commute time has become a time when many people make buying decisions, and even make actual purchases using their smartphones!

The time that people spend driving is a time when they are very receptive to new messaging. The recall rate for outdoor advertising is much higher than many other forms of advertising.

Unfortunately, traditional billboards are beyond the budgets of many businesses.


Our Digital LED billboard trucks are a cost effective alternative to static outdoor ads.

Our trucks look great … and the scrolling action of the large, brilliant ads on our large LED screens actually captures MORE visual attention!

Ready to hit the road with your digital billboard ad campaign?

Mobile Branders

Ready to hit the road
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Mobile LED Advertising offers

endless opportunities & possibilities

With the attention our Mobile LED signs attract, you can achieve whatever messaging goals you desire.

Mobile LED Ads are ideal for:

Outdoor Advertising A Proven Way to Get the
Word Out!
Do You Need More exposure? Are you Looking to broaden your audience base?

Mobile LED Advertising offers

You can create one ad … or create a series of ads that scroll in sequence to tell a more compelling and attention-getting story.


Our trucks can go where traditional billboards can’t.
Mobile billboards enable us to take your message directly to your target audience of predefined demographics at designated times.
Digital billboards always catch the consumer’s eye without becoming stale and ineffective after a period of time like traditional billboards.
Provides street-level presence that is difficult to ignore.
GPS tracking allows you to know the routes traveled.
Traditional billboards are very cost-prohibitive, but our Digital billboard truck brings outdoor advertising within everyone’s reach.
Looking for a fast way to Get Your Business Noticed? Look no further!

To Meet With One of Our Local Representative

Our Process is Simple
Ready to start your Marketing Campaign? CALL (800) 277-7398

Contact Mobile Branders. Tell our representatives about your products, services & advertising goals.

Pick your plan and multimedia options and Campaign Time Frame.

Approve your mobile display ad design and accompanying media.

Watch your mobile LED ads campaign deliver new customers to you!


Get Up to 20% discount. For First Time Customers.

Why are Mobile Digital Billboard Advertising Campaigns more Effective?


97% recall rate for messages on Outdoor mobile billboards.


91% of the target audience noticed text and graphics on vehicle advertising.


39% of those surveyed said they would buy products advertised on mobile billboards.


96% of respondents said mobile is more effective than traditional outdoor advertising


55% of respondents looked closely at the trucks.

Mobile Branders Marketing & Promotions Provides

Cost Effective Advertising

Greater exposure for your advertising dollars.


Your campaign can run for 4 weeks up to one year. You choose the months you would like to advertise.

Higher Reach

Target more potential clients than with a static billboard! Your ad travel with your potential clients as they commute. Mobile Branders Marketing & Promotions makes your ad Stand out in heavy traffic.

Powerful Impact

Illuminated Digital Mobile Billboards are attention-getting.

High Exposure

Your ad will be displayed day and night with our unique Digital Billboards. Not to mention, more geographic territories are covered than with a static billboard.

Online Tracking

Know where your ad is being displayed at all times through our online GPS Tracking System and Reporting System. (ID and internet access are required.)

A Captive Audience

With Mobile Branders Marketing & Promotions, you can’t turn the page, change the station, or switch to another channel. Outdoor advertising can give your company a presence on the street. a public face. It’s an excellent way to build the two components to successful advertising Recognition and Trust.

Ready to start your Marketing campaign?
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Don’t let your brand get lost in the crowd. Step into the future of advertising with Mobile Branders and harness the power of mobile billboards combined with internet advertising. Our groundbreaking approach will captivate your audience, enhance brand recall, and drive business growth.

Contact us today at 1-800-277-7398 or [email protected] to schedule a consultation and explore how Mobile Branders can transform your advertising strategy. Unleash the potential of your brand with Mobile Branders.